The most iridescent of grape varieties.
The voice of twenty protagonists.
Landing on Via Emilia, amidst people, stories and different experiences, to explore the “Modena planet”.

A book exploring the fascinating lands of Sorbara, Grasparossa and Salamino grapes.
A journey side by side with Modenese winegrowers, diving deep into their traditions and culture, always accompanied by a bottle of Lambrusco.
And with a healthy dose of spirit of contradiction and critical attitude: around here outspokenness is matched only by an equally exuberant and unceasing party mood.

20 winegrowers and 20 interviews, 3 grape varieties and 3 terroirs.
Only one wine: Lambrusco.




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16x22 cm - Hardcover


Italian or English

Tutti lo chiamano Lambrusco cover

based on an idea by:
Giulio Loi - Filippo Marchi - Antonio Previdi

Texts by:
Camillo Favaro

Photographs by:
Maurizio Gjivovich

Introduction by:
Burton Anderson

Editorial coordination and graphic design by:
Antonella Frate

Illustration by:
Alessandro Capra

Historical outline and scientific study by:
Marisa Fontana

English translations by:
Tessa Domitilla Conticelli

An ArtevinoStudio project

© 2017, Fil Rouge Editore
Piverone (TO) Italy
All rights reserved


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